I help people organize. simplify. transform.

So here’s how it goes…

We become fast friends and you reveal to me your clutter and chaos AKA “your room of shame” or “dirty little secrets”. Listen, I’ve heard it all before – nothing you say shocks or surprises me. Together we devise a plan that everyone in your home will love and embrace. Once the plan is executed, you breathe a huge sigh of relief as a sense of calm envelopes you. You wave me off from your front foyer knowing that your secrets are safe with me and trusting that I’ll be there if you ever need me again. You can’t wait to tell your close friends about your experience.


I help organize your space by eliminating chaos and clutter in your home or business environment.FAQ's


a place 4 everything will help devise time-saving, life changing systems to help you live your best life.FAQ's


I thrive on being part of the entire transformation! Starting with the physical part of doing the work, to helping you make decisions, to offering options, to witnessing what happens once the project is complete as a result of the clutter being gone. Witnessing your transformation!  Project is complete and the clutter is gone. FAQ's

Why use Personal Organization Services

  • Consumer Report – in January 2013 ShopSmart survey, it is reported that 40% of couples fight more over mess than they do over money.
  • According to Environics Canada 2012 for Professional Organizers of Canada, 1/5th of Canadians feel stressed and cannot relax at home because of clutter and disorganization.
  • Studies have proven that people learn to change their behavior more effectively when they have hands-on experience to physically adapt to a new strategy.

What Clients Say

I want to hug you through the phone.
Danielle, Director at SeriusXM
I love that I am in this place. You don’t understand! I can sleep tonight.
Karen, Executive Director at MAC Cosmetics
Her professionalism, guidance and patience made what seemed to be an insurmountable task, a very enjoyable experience.
Michelle, Executive Coach
Donna is amazing and I would highly recommend her any time you need someone to help organize your life whether it be work or home related.
Dave, Real Estate Agent
When we were faced with a challenge, she asked us questions to figure out what it was exactly we wanted which really helped us make great decisions about our home which we are very pleased with and continue to use today.
Jessica, Account Director
I never thought I would work with an organizer… but I would totally do it again. Having things clean and organized seems to have lifted a 10 ton weight off my shoulders! I feel like I’m living like other people do now!
Lorie, Creative Entrepreneur
Your ability to take a task and recommend a better approach was extremely refreshing and comforting.
Jacquie, Pub Owner

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